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Bad Checks

Serving Central Virginia's Needs for Recovery of Bad Checks

The disruption of business by the return of checks for insufficient funds is more than an annoyance. Bad checks hurt business and create headaches for everything from predicted cash flow to balancing check books. Instead of writing-off those bad checks, consult with Ballato Law Firm about the options of collection.

The use of civil remedies can prove to be an effective alternative to giving up on such debts. The Ballato Law Firm can undertake the collection of bad checks and seek the recovery of its fees and costs from the person or business writing you the bad check. With the addition of attorney fees, statutory costs, and civil penalties, Ballato Law Firm uses its resources to recover for you the face amount of your check and have the debtor pay the additional sums as compensation for its legal services.

The time and effort expended by our clients in pursuing bad checks is often met with frustration and exasperation. The use of our legal services has the advantage of using the courts to enforce statutory provisions, and often proves effective in preventing such debtors from repeating their mistake of writing a second bad check.