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Health Care Debt Collection

Virginia Health Care Debt Collection

Whether you are a member of a large medical or dental practice group, or a solo practitioner, as a health care professional you have spent years learning the latest advances and techniques in order to provide your patients with the highest quality care. Unfortunately, high quality patient care in itself does not translate to financial success. A thriving practice also needs to collect its accounts receivables in order to be financially sound. The obvious juxtaposition is that the more time you spend trying to collect aging accounts receivables, the less time you have for your patients.

The Nguyen Law Firm currently represents numerous medical and dental practice groups throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. We are able to handle the collection needs of the largest medical offices and hospitals, but welcome and provide legal collection services to medical and dental practices of all sizes.

We understand that your patients are your livelihood; therefore our attorneys and staff are committed to recovering your outstanding debts quickly, efficiently, and amicably.

The Nguyen Law Firm can protect the financial strength and integrity of your medical or dental practice by assisting you and your staff in the collection of accounts receivables, thus leaving you time to focus on what really matters— high quality patient care.