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Other Collection Efforts

Collecting on a Variety of Outstanding Debts

Ballato Law Firm, P.C. assists in collection of a wide variety of delinquent or unpaid claims. Such amounts may arise from promissory notes, personal loans, written or unwritten contracts, unpaid commissions, earned premiums, or other obligations.

The Ballato Law Firm can offer its legal expertise to seek the collection of unpaid amounts on a variety of debt obligations through the use of the following actions:

  • Filing of Warrants in Debt in General District Court
  • Obtaining judgments by filing Complaints on larger amounts in Circuit Court
  • Recording of Abstracts in land records in Circuit Courts
  • Filing for the domestication and collection of out-of-state/foreign judgments
  • Initiate post-judgment garnishment actions
  • Filing for Debtor Interrogatories before a Commissioner in Chancery