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Traffic/Drunk Driving Charges

The view of blue lights in the rear view mirror can ruin anyone’s day. Even though everyone agrees on the need for law enforcement officers to ensure driver and pedestrian safety, it is not so reassuring when you have been the one pulled to the side of the road.

Driver’s can benefit from the Ballato Law Firm’s experience and knowledge of the motor vehicle code, and the handling of traffic infractions by the courts. Whether it is a traffic stop for speeding, drunk driving, failure to yield, or reckless driving, the prospects of fines, court costs, suspension of license, and even jail time loom large in the driver’s mind as a court date approaches.

The assistance of the Ballato Law Firm cannot be a guarantee of acquittal or reduction of charges, but it can be a source of comfort and reassurance in the face of uncertainty and anxiety. Whether the situation involves an accident, impaired driving, or defective equipment, the presence of a lawyer can often give valuable guidance at court.

Each traffic case has its own specific facts that often dictate the outcome. The blood alcohol content or level (BAC) can dictate any time in jail, and a clean driving record can make the prospects of driving school more likely. However, Mike Ballato will review each case to give the client the benefit of his experience in such matters, with the goal of obtaining the best result possible.