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Wills & Estates

Wills, Estates, Powers of Attorney and Advanced Directives

Planning for the inevitability of death, or a sudden unforeseen tragedy is not something that always gets the attention that it should. Quite often, individuals die without having made known their desires or wishes as to the distribution of property. Other times, caring for the needs of a loved one requires the unexpected appointment of a guardian.

Ballato Law Firm can help avoid needless cost and expense associated with such instances through the preparation of simple wills, powers of attorney, and advanced medical directives/living wills. Each of these documents assists in avoiding confusion or arguments, and offers assurance and certainty in the execution of client wishes.

Many situations dictate the need for the creation or change of such documents. It may be the occasion of a divorce, or a marriage, or the birth of a child. It may be the death of a spouse, or the diagnosis of an illness. It may simply be a vacation or business trip that triggers such a need. In preparing such documents for individuals, Mike Ballato will listen to the desires of the client and ask questions to discern how best to meet the client’s needs. When it is necessary to meet clients at their homes, or in a nursing home, or in a hospital, Mike will make himself available as needed in working with clients and their family members.

The existence of a living will and an advanced directive can provide incalculable benefits to family members struggling with medical decisions related to the care of a loved one. The forethought of having executed a power of attorney in the present can save countless dollars in the future, when the person is incapable of signing a document.

In situations where death has already occurred, Ballato Law Firm can assist with both testate and intestate cases, and work with an executor or an administrator in meeting the requirements imposed for properly handling the estate of a decedent on behalf of the claimants and the beneficiaries. Simply knowing that the Ballato Law Firm is available to serve in such times of special needs is particularly reassuring given the uncertainty that surrounds us each day.