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Creditor’s Rights and Bankruptcy

The attorneys of The Nguyen Law Firm, PLC are experienced in the handling of subrogation and defense for our clients, insurance carriers, in an effective and cost efficient manner. Our firm’s subrogation services include representing our clients in all types of property and casualty subrogation claims, including commercial and residential property subrogation and uninsured motorist claims.

Our Bankruptcy & Creditor’s Rights practice offers comprehensive services for businesses across all industries and of all sizes. Our Bankruptcy & Creditor’s Rights practice includes:

  • Debt Collection
  • Bankruptcy
  • Advising Lenders
  • Filing Proofs of Claims
  • Adverse Proceedings in Bankruptcy

As a successful collection law firm, our attorneys and staff have developed a proven method for achieving positive results for our clients in a professional and courteous manner. Our highly trained staff, advanced subrogation software system, skip tracing tools and skilled attorneys usually equate to payment on accounts before the need for litigation arises; thereby saving our clients court costs, fees and valuable time. However, should the need for litigation arise, our attorneys are seasoned and accomplished. We stand ready to litigate your claims in courts throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.